The Science

OdorSol: The Power of IZDs for Effective Odor Elimination

IZDs are a class of chemical compounds that contain imidazolidine rings and functional groups
capable of binding and releasing chlorine. These compounds have gained attention for their
effectiveness in odor elimination and antimicrobial applications.

IZDs function by releasing active chlorine when exposed to moisture or other activating agents, such as water or humidity. This chlorine is then able to act as a powerful oxidizing agent, breaking down the molecular structure of odor-causing compounds and neutralizing their odorous properties.
In odor elimination, IZDs are often incorporated into various products such as coatings, fabrics, sprays, or cleaning agents. These products can be applied to surfaces or used directly on odorous materials to eliminate unwanted smells. When the IZDs come into contact with moisture or humidity, the chlorine is released, and the resulting hypochlorous acid (HOCl) reacts with and oxidizes the odor-causing molecules, effectively eliminating the odors.
The use of IZDs in odor elimination offers several advantages, such as:
OdorSol contains two of these unique and stable IZDs compounds along with several other components to make them dissolve in water, as well as a biopolymer binding agent that is chlorinated by the Cl actives, and becomes a dispersant and cleaning agent, as well as bringing some anti-fungal power to the solution.
Overall, IZDs provide an effective and reliable solution for odor elimination. Their ability to release chlorine and generate hypochlorous acid offers powerful odor control capabilities, ensuring fresh and clean environments in diverse settings.
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